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Domain Privacy Service

Supercharge your website’s safety with Domain Privacy

Enjoy peace of mind with an Domain privacy protection,
which protects you from unwanted spam and fraud forever.

Without Domain Privacy protection

Your Privacy is at risk!


Alex Johnson



123 Your Street, Your city, Your state 2322 , Your Country



With Domain Privacy protection

Your Privacy is at risk!


Protected Proxy, LLC



123 Maple Street, Springfield, IL 62704, USA



Keep your contact information secure & private

By not displaying your contact information publicly you can stay safe from frauds.

Protect yourself from spam and phishing

By staying private you can protect your inbox from targeted spam and phishing attacks.

Peace of Mind from unwanted contact

Online presence can make you a target of unwanted people. Protect yourself!

Sit back and relax while we set everything up for you

Manually setting up SSL protection can be time intensive, that’s why we take care of the entire setup process from start to finish

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Still have any doubts or questions? Maybe these will help

Why choose Domainmarkia for free WHOIS privacy protection?

Unmatched privacy, with no additional cost, sets Domainmarkia apart for WHOIS privacy protection. Enjoy complete confidentiality, protection against identity theft, and reduction of spam with our complimentary service. Our commitment to privacy ensures your personal information remains shielded from the public eye.

How does WHOIS privacy protection work?

WHOIS privacy protection replaces your personal information in the domain's WHOIS listing with the information of a proxy service. This ensures your name, address, email, and phone number are kept private, preventing unwanted contact and safeguarding you from potential online threats.

Is WHOIS privacy protection necessary?

Absolutely. It’s crucial for maintaining privacy and securing personal information online. Without it, your contact details are exposed to spammers, marketers, and potential identity thieves. WHOIS privacy protection is a proactive step towards enhancing your digital security.

Can I enable WHOIS privacy on any domain extension?

Most domain extensions support WHOIS privacy protection. However, some registries have policies that restrict privacy services for certain top-level domains (TLDs). We recommend checking the specific privacy policies for your chosen domain extension with Domainmarkia’s support team.

What's the process to activate free WHOIS privacy with Domainmarkia?

Activation is straightforward and instant. Simply register or transfer your domain to Domainmarkia, and opt-in for WHOIS privacy protection at no extra charge. Our system automatically applies privacy protection, ensuring your information is protected from the moment your domain goes live.
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